The Spring 2017 Texas Maximo Users Group Meeting was hosted by the Lower Colorado River Authority in AUSTIN.

Where: Lower Colorado River Authority Service Center
3505 Montopolis Drive, Building A conference room
Austin, Texas 78744

May 23rd, 8:30 am to 4:00 pm

Current Agenda:

Presentation by LCRA
User Acceptance Experience
Changing training needs based on new tech savvy work force
LCRA provides many vital services to Texans, including delivering electricity, managing the water supply and environment of the lower Colorado River basin, providing public recreation areas, and supporting community development

Presentation by Targa Resources
Standardizing the Maximo Work Management Process Across a Fleet
Outlining some of the necessary steps taken to make this happen.

Targa is a leading provider of midstream services and is one of the largest independent midstream energy companies in North America

Presentation / Discussion Group:
Maximo Start Centers – A Users Perspective
Lead by Denton Creek Wastewater Systems. 
Denton Creek’s use of the Start Center as users with a look at how the Start Center can be edited to enhance the users experience.
This state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant, located on a 48-acre tract of land north of Roanoke, first began treating wastewater flows in May 1990.  The Denton Creek Regional Wastewater System uses ultraviolet high-intensity light to disinfect wastewater flows and was one of the first wastewater treatment plants in Texas to use this process

Presentation / Discussion Group
Maximo Condition Monitoring & Tableau Visualization Integration
 Discussing how LCRA have begun revamping their condition monitoring program to align with their recently revised maintenance standards. Then taking the historical data and visualizing it within Tableau to help make more effective maintenance practices and the eventual ability to help  predict failures.

Maximo Scheduler and Scheduler Plus Overview –

Sponsors: DataSplice, Solufy, Cohesive, CamCode and Maxgrip