Parking and Meeting Information for ColoMUG on June 6

The Colorado Maximo User Group Meeting will be held at City Conference Room at Denver International Airport's main terminal. There is no need to go through security if you are not taking the afternoon tour. 
Below you will find a map for parking and the terminal directions to the City Conference Room. 
Garage West parking is located adjacent to the Jeppesen Terminal on the west side. Garage West (and Garage East) has five levels and encompasses (4) four separate modules which contain both covered and uncovered parking (atrium parking and level 5). Accessible parking is available on all levels except Level 3.
Overhead roadway signs on Peña Boulevard, and again at the entrance to the garage, indicate whether levels are open or full. Garage clearance is eight feet. There is no shuttle service in the garage.
Please park in the WEST GARAGE Parking lot.  The best advice is to find a spot is to park on level 5 near door 504, or 502.  Then come up  the elevator to Level 6, where you will find the City Conference Room.

You will need to pull a ticket from the gate when you arrive. Please bring that ticket inside to the ColoMUG meeting so we can validate your ticket.

DIA Parking


Terminal Map