Our Winter meeting covered scheduling practices, was well received, and was held February 7th, 2013 in Downtown Seattle.

Washington Holdings is hosted at the Union Square conference center (601 Union St in downtown Seattle) for the day on February 7th. 

We had over 50 attendees and had some very informative presentations.  The presentations will be attached below, once I get more allocated space.

Presentations may be viewed in the forums: 

Original Agenda is below:

The theme of the meeting will be Scheduling.  See the agenda below:

8:30 – 9:00  Coffee, pastries, and Signups

9:00 AM Introductions – Ray Hahne, PANMU Facilitator

9:30 AM  Using Akwire Scheduling in Maximo – Port of Seattle

10:30 AM  Small Site Scheduling – John Reeves, Cohesive Solutions

Abstract:  http://www.mt-online.com/dec2012/small-site-scheduling-n 

12:00  Boxed Lunch & Networking

1:00  PM  Planning & Scheduling: A Best Practices Overview – Matt Midas, Genesis Solutions

Abstract: http://www.genesissolutions.com/maintenance-planning-scheduling-webinar-a-best-practices-overview/

2:30 PM  Interfacing to Primavera for Scheduling – Chelan County PUD

3:15  PM  Two Breakout sessions – for IT (technical stuff) and end users(scheduling)

4:15 PM   Wrapup, and conference end

Thank you to GenesisSolutions for sponsoring lunch.

Thank you to DataSplice for sponsoring this website.

Vendors – There will be a small 2nd room with a large table.  Not enough room for a vendor show, but you can each have about a 4×4 area to put out promotional materials.

We have moved content from the prior site at www.panmu.org at end of 2012 – be sure to re-signup here!