An Open Letter from Dianne Qualter:

I would just like to follow up with you about the recent New England area meeting of NewMUG that you attended.  I hope you found the day to be a productive one and look forward to helping organize future meetings.

The idea behind this user group is to provide a forum for IBM Maximo users to share tips, ask questions, submit success stories, and learn from others mistakes… 

Initial feedback was such that we are going to plan to schedule another meeting in six months.  That will bring us to March of 2012.  If we meet after the annual IBM Pulse meeting is held in Las Vegas, there is the hope that IBM can bring us some highlights from that meeting.

In order to try and move meeting locations around to different areas, I am still looking for volunteers to offer their facilities as a future meeting place.  I do have a couple of volunteers already (thank you BC and WPI) – and again am only asking for this information now, so that we can try to plan out future meeting locations to different areas.

Lastly, because the hope is to make these meetings productive for everyone, I am asking for feedback from people about the last meeting and suggestions for the next meeting.  The meetings are for everyone’s benefit, so the more requests ahead of time and the more feedback given after the fact, the better future ones will be.  I welcome suggestions for topics, offers to present a topic, things that you liked and things that you disliked about October’s gathering.  It is all important feedback.


Please pass the word about NewMUG to friends and co-workers…continue to check the NewMUG website ( for updated information…  and watch your email for the next meeting date…  A very initial thought is to hold a meeting sometime in early March at the campus of Brandeis University, in Waltham, MA…

Best wishes to you all for a happy and healthy holiday season.

Dianne Qualter

Brandeis University