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    Description: Metro is seeking a full-time Asset Planner/Maximo Coordinator to join our team. The position’s primary role is to serve as the Maximo Coordinator for the scheduling and prioritizing of all preventive maintenance work for all maintenance work areas, including, but not limited to, PM’s, campaigns, job plans, specific asset work plans, general cleans, body work, major repair work, rotating assets, etc. Track trends, create reports and develop job/work plans to reduce all maintenance-related service interruptions, reduce costs and improve processes. Assists all departments in the coordination of parts needs up to and including researching part numbers, parts quality, availability, costs, warranty and coordinating with procurement to minimize no parts situations, etc. Develop and manage all warranty related functions for all maintenance areas. Work closely with the entire SORTA/Metro management team to improve business processes for maximum performance results, specifically coordinating business plans with Maximo functionality. A secondary role of this position is to serve as the Maximo “User” Help Desk to address daily functional issues.
    • Serve as the Maximo Coordinator for all Maximo end-users for daily functionality. Coordinate with all departments to effectively manage system data/functionality by modifying application settings, database configurations, workflows, and value lists, updating data hierarchies, loading/changing data, adding/removing users and user security profiles, use Maximo application designer to create workspace screens as needed for end-users in all departments.
    • Create and distribute written standard operating procedures for all Maximo functions, including but not limited to, work orders, work schedules, asset management, accounting processes, inventory management, storeroom functions within Maximo, new business processes within Maximo and any other related materials to departments.
    • Serve as the primary contact for communication with Maximo vendor for resolution of software problems related to end-user functions and communicate with IT to ensure corrections to the system and database are logged properly.
    • Assist SORTA/Metro management team in the oversight of the Cincinnati Streetcar contractor as it relates to asset management, maintenance planning, preventive maintenance functions and configuration management within Maximo. Work with contractor to ensure compliance to contractor requirements.
    • Provide initial and refresher training for Maximo end-users and respond to all “how-to” and data questions from
    • In conjunction with the maintenance management team, create asset records, maintain accuracy of serial numbers, locations, parent-child relationships, job plans, PM schedules, parts list, metering triggers, manage mileage inputs for accuracy and consistency. Set security levels for optimal departmental functionality and control. Oversee workflow processes for accountability and control. Perform necessary troubleshooting, training, guidance and oversight for Maximo end-users as required. Assist in the development of work place processes to maximize accuracy, quality and consistency of Maximo as it relates to the maintenance departmentÂ’s critical function within the organization.
    • Ensure that all preventive maintenance inspections are programmed in Maximo and meet or exceed FTA guidelines and manufacturerÂ’s recommendations. Reviews operating records and reports to assess the quality and adequacy of preventive maintenance performed. Perform frequent system audits to ensure compliance, consistency and accuracy.
    • Other duties as assigned.
    • Associate’s Degree (two year college or technical school) preferred. Work experience may be taken into consideration.
    • Minimum three years in a maintenance environment required. Supervisory experience preferred.
    • Minimum three years of enterprise software and/or database systems management.
    • Maximo experience preferred
    • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Access.
    • Must also be proficient in the use of the Internet, e-mail applications, procurement/inventory systems, maintenance/enterprise management systems and payroll/timekeeping applications.
    • Possess practical knowledge of all mechanical and non-mechanical aspects relating to fleet vehicle maintenance.
    • Will be required to demonstrate writing and spreadsheet competency during the interview process.
    • Will be required to demonstrate an understanding of enterprise software and database functions.
    • May be required to work flexible hours.

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