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    I am having issues in starting maximo server and after running configdb.bat I get a whole bunch of following errors:
    BMXAA6423W – The value for MAXPROP ** could not be cached. No value for the property was found.
    (screenshot of cmd attached)

    And at the end of the cmd output I see
    BMXAA6819I ConfigDB completed with errors
    BMXAA6820I RestoreFromBackup completed without errors

    Can anyone please help me out in this error? Thanks

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    Warnings and errors are two different levels for logging. Warnings typically okay to ignore. ERRORS you must address. Review the rest of the log and search on the word ERROR. There is likely errors you missed that need to be addressed.

    In Maximo 7.6, IBM started enforcing field length matching between tables more rigorously. Not saying this is your issue, but this seems to be a common issue.

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      I have reviewed remaining of the log but did not find any errors.
      However, at the end of log it says “The row length of the table exceeded a limit of ….”
      (screenshot of cmd log attached)

      Is this the reason for my maximo server not starting up? How can I address this issue?

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