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Our Florida Maximo Users Group meeting was hosted by Jennet Neldner and Raytheon from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm on November 14th, 2012.

We structured the fall meeting topics based upon the input that we received from our recent member's survey.  The highest interest was in mobility and planning and scheduling.  There has also been significant interest in the GIS topic.  The topics for the presentations and round table discussions are as follows:

Mobility at JEA (Jacksonville Electric)
Presentation from the Perspective
of the Craft User
Sponsor Introductions
 Data: It is What it Is? Sarasota County
Maximo Roadmap and  Latest Software Licensing Details for Maximo 7.5 IBM
Roadmap to Mobility and Scheduling   Regional Aerospace Planning Team
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Round Table Breakouts:
     * Planning and Scheduling – Round Table Discussion Lead by Universal Studios
     * GIS and Maximo Spatial – Round Table Discussion Lead by Broward County
     * Managing a Mobile System for Maximo – Round Table Lead by Raytheon
     * Ask IBM –  Round Table lead by IBM


Meeting Location – Address and Directions:

Raytheon Technical Service Co., LLC
12792 Research Parkway Room A & B
Orlando, FL 32826

Raytheon Technical Service Company Map:,+%20Orlando,+FL+32826

PLEASE bring your valid ID to speed up security

Thanks to our sponsors: DataSpliceBanetti,  ActuateSolufy