PURPOSE The primary purpose of The Max Users Group (Consisting of several regional chapters) is to provide an open forum for the discussion of technical and business issues involved with the employment of  the IBM Maximo® product line of Maintenance, Production, Fleet and Asset Management Systems. This forum is maintained with the express desire that it be free from all unsolicited marketing and/or sales efforts for products and/or services by vendors and consultants.

Max Users welcomes and encourages other users to attend scheduled meetings and to participate in online discussions, and recognizes that users may also interact with other EAM systems. Regional user groups will focus primarily on contacting users in their specified regional areas.

Max Users values the personal and professional opinions of all types of users, from the Operational and Technical Management through the end users of the data systems. As such, membership to Max Users is not limited in participation of individuals in online discussions and forums. Limits may be imposed, however, on the individual participation at scheduled meetings of Max Users as required by the hosting site’s accommodations. All organizations employing the Maximo product line of data management systems that conduct business within the geographic boundaries of Max Users are welcomed as equal members of Max Users and are free to participate as they desire, free from obligation and commitment, be it financially or otherwise, save for the maintaining of core respect for other members of Maximo Users and their professional opinions as well as the limits on unsolicited marketing and/or sales of products and/or services of any kind.

While there is no obligation of participation from member organizations, Max Users recognizes the need for member support and asks that, where possible, members consider participating through the hosting of scheduled meetings, volunteering as regional Maximo Users officers and/or formal presentation of ideas, solutions and/or usage consistent with their technology.

The IBM Corporation has been invited to participate in Max Users, consistent with the group rules on marketing and sales, to provide an official line of communication to the IBM organization concerning product support and technical expertise beyond that of the assembled membership.

As the nature of Max Users forum is an academic discussion of ideas and issues, all presentations made in Max Users forum, both prepared formally or as discussion, are considered to be open and accessible to other members for their use and adaptation within their organization without obligation of fee or guarantee of service to the presenting party. Individual agreements made outside the forum are the sole responsibility of the involved parties.

Max Users desire is to foster a common growth and understanding among its members to better employ the complex Maximo systems effectively for all participants while being removed from the pressure of sales initiatives and corporate competition that might otherwise prevent a solution, practice or ideal from reaching an interested audience.

Maximo is a registered trademark of IBM. Max Users Group is not affillated with any company.